Friday, 8 August 2014

Is It Worth It - Tony "Pieater" Balfour

Time is 04-45, The sun is nowhere to be seen, the sky is black as coal, wind is averaging about 60 MPH, and the rain is being driven sideways, I’m looking out my bedroom window and thinking bollocks to this for a game of soldier’s, I’m supposed to be going fishing, Yeh right I am, you wouldn’t turn a dog out
in this, that reminds me. 

I wonder if my mam let the cat in, no bother bloody moggy always seems to find a dry billet somewhere .

Anyway where was I?, oh fishing in this weather is crap, I look again out the window and wonder if it will brighten up any  and then look back towards my bed, I can see her curlers poking out the top of the quilt , if I play my cards right I could be balls deep before she knows what’s happening, there is nowt as nice as catching um with a full bladder in the morning, tell you what I’ll go make a brew before I decide on bank or bed, but i think my mind is already made up.

I suppose I’d better start explaining myself before I get the Mad Mick treatment from my favourite Mod and start getting deleted, so what am I rambling on about? , well if you will bear with me I’ll explain all, I’m an avid reader of anything fishy I can get my hands on, and a while ago I was sat in the throne room doing my unmentionables and flicking through some old fishing diary’s, yes I used to be one of those unfortunates that filled in a diary after every session, at my age now, I can’t be arsed but that’s another tale, and in these said diaries from one of my more successful seasons i noticed quite by chance that most of the better fish that season had come between late morning and mid-afternoon, and when i looked further into this i realized that of my top ten fish only two were caught in this dawn/pre-dawn time of day, with two caught mid-morning one caught at night and FIVE  (that’s 50% or half ) afternoon caught fish.

So what in the name of Torak’s teeth have I been doing getting out my nice warm pit before the sparrows have even farted, by setting the alarm for an hour before I’ve even gone to bed, don’t get me wrong i love this time of day when it seems like everybody and everything is still asleep especially if you get the weather right and watch the weak winter sun climb slowly over the horizon, it’s a magical time of day and anglers usually get to see this because nobody is daft enough to be mooching round the fields and woods at this ungodly time, but my point is, is this really essential in helping you catch fish, fair enough I know you will have your choice of swim and be set ready with your traps out for when its light enough to see,  and these reasons alone may be enough for some of our keener pikers, fishing is a personal thing and you should do what you enjoy doing if that means living out of a bivvy for a few days that’s fine by me , if you only go for a few hours on a Sunday , again fine , do what you do and balls to the rest of um.

For reasons of my own making I’ve done very little fishing over the last couple of years and to be honest I’ve not missed it that much as my heads been well and truly stuck between my buttocks, but finally I can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, so the lumby’s will be dusted off and I might get to wet a line, will I be out at first light?, course I bloody will old habits die hard, but these days if the weather is crap I’m getting back into my flocks, ( go on Mr K , tell um what flocks are ) talking of my bed I’m off before she goes to the bog.


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